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Green with cheesy envy.

Green Grilled Cheese Recipe via i am a food blog

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ob meme || [23/7] funny moments

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"Some are born with busts, some are born with butts, but whatever makes you feel confident and like loving yourself more, be proud. I’m all for it. ”

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'Designers With Their Muses'Vivienne Westwood and Christina Hendricks (x)

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what you say, bro?”

dogcan i pet it one time?”

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Something I’ve never thought I would have to deal with.


I am now left with a collection of bras I will never wear again! Sizes are 30F, 30FF, and 30G. Brands are primarily Freya and Fantasie. I also have two swimsuits from Freya. 

Swimsuits don’t have a ton of wear. Bras are in varying degrees of wear. One of them is even strapless! If you or anyone you know might be interested, send me a message!! 

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I was once a stripper named Diamond Dan.

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That escalated quickly. 

This is important.

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"Eat a taco. Drink a beer. Donate some money. Don’t be an asshole."

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This breaks my heart

having some super intense Brad Pitt in A River Runs Through It feels right now. jfc that 2nd shot is sexy.

I miss him so much!