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Not cheesy at all, nope. 

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baby arctic fox tries to eat a man alive

actual video of Miss Thing

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Song Ration


You know when you first discover a song you really like, the impulse is to listen to it a lot int he same day, then you usually get tired of it after three or four days depending how good the song is right?

I am now limiting myself to one play a day, let’s c how this works

assuming he means Out of the Woods like everyone else here right


sometime in february, still thick with grief from the mess that was 2013, we started talking about how to celebrate our fifth anniversary, and where to go.

this is what we picked, and in just over two weeks we’ll be on our way to rome and then onto this ridiculous boat to sail through the riviera up the coast of italy, monaco, france and spain to barcelona.

we’ve been sorting out the details and paying it off piece by piece for so many months that i think i sort of forgot it was a real thing that’s actually going to happen. but this is going to happen. it’s happening. it’s RIDICULOUS. i’ve never been to europe, at all.

but this is the gift we’ve given ourselves and each other. i don’t know how we could even figure out that much all those months ago but i’m already so, so grateful to know it’s what’s ahead.

Tanner Pearson, amazed by gloves

do you ever, like, look at your hands

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lol I can understand how fans of other teams can hate Dustin Brown, or Jeff Carter or Mike Richards, or even Jonathan Quick. but man if you hate Anze Kopitar you are just plain doing life as a human on earth all wrong.

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Right? He’s literally a giant teddy bear. If someone hates Kopitar they need to reconsider their life asap.



Gustl and Kopi 

Diane first showed me this because she was making it for herself, and I told her to put it on the THX BUD site immediately. 


"Silly human. You dare defy me and my army of killer squirrels?!" 😈🌰🌳 #RulerOfSquirrels #SquirrelMindControl

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I kind of love flash tattoos.

we need some of these for rome please.

KINGS WIN!! 4th Straight Win!!