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OH GOD this is killing me dead I have absolutely no idea what the hell this lady’s point is but whatever it is it is cerrrrrtainly racist and homophobic in the most delightful* way

h/t to mah gurrl she-interrobangs

How did I grow up in San Diego and not know that La Jolla has what is very apparently the best publication to ever be circulated? I feel so cheated!

Pretty sure this is a movie coming out next summer starring Liam Neeson.

Sorry, grandpa!

Ewww…boy. With all due respect Patricia Weber you’re wrong about everything and you’re a lousy writer who telegraphs the ending in the first paragraph. Look, you can ignorant for as long as you live but come on, you’re at least 59 years old, you can write better speculative hate fiction than this.

Also, I realize that the La Jolla Light is a local paper and it caters to the local residents but did nobody else in the city have something sane to say, leaving them no choice but to print this?

This is the worst fanfic ever.

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