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Eurocentrism means that some farting head like Piers Morgan knows nothing about Chinese music, whereas Chinese folks like me are well-versed in their blip of music history. You really think a few decades of rock ‘n’ roll lifted from African American traditions compares favorably against 6,000 years of Chinese musical development?

Let’s put it this way: Chinese cultural contributions celebrated at the Beijing opening ceremony included paper, the compass, movable type, gunpowder, as well as the most traditional Chinese instrument, the 5,000-year-old guqin, which is still played and remains popular. London opening ceremony is celebrating James Bond, children in pyjamas jumping on beds, Mary Poppins, Peter Pan, JK Rowlings, and British rock ‘n’ roll. With the greatest respect to Britain…you decide.

piers morgan is a queef of a man.

I just got my PhD in ‘Read’ology w a concentration in Shaaaaade from reading that comment. Bravo.

The library is open, dang.

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