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“Santana Coming Out Deleted Scene”

I don’t know how I feel about this. I mean on the one hand, at least she got to have a smidgen of agency, but she still had to do it because Finn outed her and it made it into a fucking campaign ad, but I still think it would have gone a long way to make that episode less more of a shit storm and less of a shit tornado. 

Wasn’t it Sue’s campaign ad though? I rage blackouted the whole episode, clearly. It’s still all kinds of fucked up but at least Santana gets to say it to her peer and acknowledge Brittany? idk.

it wasn’t sue’s ad, it was her opponent’s ad. something about sue being gay because she had a gay head cheerleader.

But I thought Burt was Sue’s opponent. omg why do I even bother with this show?!! /o\

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