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How do you hope to spend your 20th anniversary on Oct. 3?

The President: Well, I don’t think we can get too wild because our 20th anniversary is a month before the election.
Mrs. Obama: Do you want me to dream? Okay. I’d want to retrace our honeymoon.  We started in San Francisco and spent a week driving through some of the prettiest-
The President: Napa and Big Sur and Carmel-
Mrs. Obama: We would stop, go to a nice dinner.  I really loved that trip.

And reality check: Since California’s not a swing state, what do you think you’re really going to get?

The President: We will get dinner.
Mrs. Obama: That would be heaven. If we’re in the same place. Hear that, schedulers, Oct. 3!

So cute.

(Source: harveyxspecter, via giganticism)