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Can't just be happy they're doing something nice. You gotta get pissy

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I’m assuming this is in response to my reblog, which was hardly “pissy” but more of a gentle ribbing, about Panic!’s offer to make a donation to HRC for each WBC protester that turned out to picket their recent show.

Yes, it’s cute and nice of them to make a gesture like that, and it’s good press and a quick, tweetable jab at the WBC for their ridiculous antics, but it’s hardly the best they could do. There are any number of LGBT organizations that they (or their accountant, or whoever) could have picked with just the barest minimum of effort and research that are more worthy and do more actual work.

HRC is a brand, and a very-well known one, which is of course why people think of them and their stupid equals sign logo first. But they’re notorious political starfuckers who do nothing with their notoriety but throw self-congratulatory parties that raise millions, while throwing other LGBT orgs, who do the actual work, under the bus.

So, yeah.

$1,000 to HRC is nothing but a tweet and a blip in their bottomless bucket of booze money. This emergency shelter for LGBT youth in Nashville, which recently received funds from Jack Antonoff and fun.’s Ally Coalition, can provide two weeks of emergency shelter and six weeks of counseling to a critically disenfranchised young person for around that much, or 36 survival backpacks for kids living on the street.

is that "why you MUST go see The Perks of Being a Wallflower" post spoiler-free? i want to read but i don't want to be spoiled

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Yes, unless you consider reading reviews like from Entertainment Weekly and what people thought of the performances spoilery. But no spoilers for plot or anything. :)

Thank you so much for the great review. You articulated every one of my fears so well. I am no longer nervous for Chris. Just excited! Can't wait to see it. <3

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Anon that is so sweet. I’m so happy I got to see it and share my excitement! Nothing to be nervous about at all.