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Pics from my 13th story rooftop in Koreatown as the Space Shuttle Endeavor graced us with an insanely close fly by. There were only a couple of other people from the building bold enough to attempt going up there. We got in trouble with security but wound up being told just to stay away from the edge, and went back up. Top pic is of a huge rooftop schoolyard full of kids. They were kicking balls and appeared to be having gym class and then suddenly the whole roof swarmed with more kids shoving for position for the best view, screaming and cheering when the shuttle appeared. I only got one pic as it swooshed by, right over our heads, and we screamed and cheered too. It was thrilling.


Hey, Tumblr. Help me identify this diner from the last episode of Southland so I can eat a burger there when I’m in LA this summer.

Did not realize you meant this one! This is Cassell’s, which Tang mentioned in her rant about how all the good burgers are on the Westside (false!) It’s not really a diner, more of an old school cafeteria line. It’s apparently pretty much unchanged since the 40’s, and they have old newspaper clippings about the place all over the walls.

They have really good, old-fashioned, unfussy burgers which they grind fresh every day, tuna melts, ham and cheese, pastrami. Also the most amazing homemade fried zucchini that is literally an entire zucchini cut into long quarters and fried up, if you are into that sort of thing. At the front of the line you can get their fluffy white potato salad, cottage cheese or canned peaches with your plate.

just down the street from your hotel

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