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“The first rule of hug fights is that nobody gets hurt and then we nap.” 

Thanks Blake!

I need more pics of them please. is that a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog??


“Don’t move, I’m going to try to jump over you…don’t move.”

Emily sends us this photo of her 3 year old lab/great Dane mix Teddy with her 1 year old chihuahua Penelope.

Big dogs and little dogs that are tiny versions of the big dog are even better.


Vintage big dog and little dog. Jenny passed this one along to me, I think she is awesome.

That little guy is not going to get his dainty paws wet, no way.


“I know I complained about it earlier, but bringing sweaters to the beach was a good idea.”

Say hello to Roxie and her bigger pal Acey; they are having a beach day with their people. 

Thanks to Kristen.

important big dog little dog update.