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Two of the best in the music industry…Frank ocean and Adele at the grammys!

hey people i love hey

Love his doggie so much omg :3

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i love how all these mainstream news outlets are completely confused whether and how to report on the rumor that frank ocean is dating model willy cartier. regardless, i love him in this OUT Gaultier shoot from march. 

Ambitious Ambiguity | Out Magazine

I hope it’s true they were filming some sort of video together. Into it.


I hope everyone who has a holiday to celebrate this week is enjoying it, and either way I hope you enjoy my recent Billboard chat with Alex Newell.  Mostly we talked about how Beyonce = Jesus and how getting Frank Ocean to guest star on Glee would be the best way to get him and Alex to date in real life.  Suffice it to say, it was a fun chat.

the best thing Glee has found since Darren Criss. well and Lindsay Pearce but she was ~bigger than all of this~



In Case You Missed It of the Day: Frank Ocean, who shocked the hip-hop (R&B?) world last week by admitting he had fallen in love with a man, busted out “Bad Religion” last night on Jimmy Fallon.

Ocean’s debut album, channel ORANGE, is out today.


i need this gorgeous, haunting song on my blog

been listening to channel orange since it came out last night. it’s goddamn monumental. buy it.

ok it’s day 6 or whatever and I’m pretty tired of seeing the word “admit” as the verb of choice. come on, people.

however, this is gorgeous and moving and ahhhhhhhh. so good.

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Frank Ocean - Lost

so many bass lines so many beats ugh ugh

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ok I will admit that I am not hip enough to know what he is all about and honestly I didn’t even know until yesterday that he was a rapper because I only ever heard white people going to Coachella talking about him so I thought, you know, like Gotye or that guy that spells his name Miike. this was a powerful read, no matter who he is. he put it out there.

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