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So I saw Chris Colfer’s audition going around and a lot of people commenting that they never saw it before. So those are the auditions of some other cast members!

(Oh my god they are all babies here!!)

Something cute to watch for the 5 year anniversary of Glee’s premiere.

It’s also the 5 year anniversary of Adam Lambert coming in 2nd on American Idol. I was in LA to see that finale, and I can’t tell you how glum we all were leaving the Nokia. One nice thing in that whole day was getting to watch Glee for the first time and going “oh wow, this show is actually great.”

I made this three Christmases ago. Watching Love, Actually for the first time this year. Still perfect. Merry Christmas, Cory.

Jane Lynch and a huge fat rabbit.

same, Mike O’Malley, same.


Glee, you’re infuriating but you’re also a ridiculous musical and this is going to be a ridiculous moment and it’s going to make me feel ridiculous.

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msamberpriley Our makeup artist Kelley Mitchell took this picture. We were just chillin in the shade lol #throwbackthursday a lot of ppl think this is a professional shot. It isn’t, but it is one of my faves! @kevinmchale did u have acid reflux that day lol u look MAD!

oh the bbs

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lol at the show doesn’t even air for over a month and there are already 3700 gifs of the best and probably only good part


I’ve been Team Alex since the first episode of The Glee Project, and I was so excited to get him into Out.

so totally Team Alex. this kid can do anything.



Well, this had to be the ultimate bittersweet night for Lea Michele. She won for best actress in a comedy, and Glee won, and it was her first public appearance since Cory Monteith died, and… it is so hard to face doing something, knowing exactly what everyone will be thinking and wanting to ask, and suspecting you will cry your way through the night.

But Lea looked gorgeous — that dress is extremely cute — and in fact the other two ladies behind her look nice also (I wonder if the three of them intentionally color-coordinated)(and then there’s Kevin McHale, whose shorts with socks/tights/whatever I can’t even talk about right now but suffice to say unless Cory Monteith once told him, “BELIEVE IN THE SHORTS, DUDE,” then I really don’t get why he couldn’t just wear freaking pants). Lea has worn a lot of that darker bright pink before; perhaps it’s like her sartorial Happy Place. Good for her for pulling it together, making a classy tribute to her boyfriend, and doing him and herself proud. What they’re doing at work right now must be unimaginably hard, and I’m glad they get to show up today feeling like everything they did with Cory really was appreciated.

I don’t have anything funny or snarky to add. Sometimes you just have to hug it out, not fug it out.


You know you can hear Cory saying it.

I can hear it. :)

1. I can hear it too.

2. NEVER question Kevin’s fashion choices. what he wears today you will see in magazines 6 months from now.

someone is relighting the candles. I moved the flowers out of the sun a little. #corymonteith #glee #candlesforcory #canucks (at Paramount Studios)



How “Glee” Fans Turned A Missing Scene Into A Successful Charity Project —  BuzzFeed

I’ve been working on this story about The Box Scene Project for months, and it was sadly delayed by edit changes (originally intended for Storyboard, BuzzFeed has taken me on to write entertainment/fandom pieces as I pitch them, which is great!)

I love the project and the sort of industrious fandom attitude it stands for. Thanks to Tam and Heather for talking with me about the project, and Shani and Doree at BuzzFeed for their amazing editing (I love a good editor!)

Edit: Also the misattributed original charity (Project Angel Food) has been edited, the cache is just clearing. Sorry about that!

Thanks, Rae! You’re amazing and so is the article!

I love all the amazing people in this post! Fandom democracy through philanthropy. What’s not to love?

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Chord Overstreet just won the internet.

But seriously, is Ryan Murphy trolling his fandom? I wrote about it for NewNowNext.

A+ Overstreet. Keep it up.

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yeah this is the actual cutest

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I hope everyone who has a holiday to celebrate this week is enjoying it, and either way I hope you enjoy my recent Billboard chat with Alex Newell.  Mostly we talked about how Beyonce = Jesus and how getting Frank Ocean to guest star on Glee would be the best way to get him and Alex to date in real life.  Suffice it to say, it was a fun chat.

the best thing Glee has found since Darren Criss. well and Lindsay Pearce but she was ~bigger than all of this~



As Hollywood (again) discovers it has access to a deep untapped pool of female humorists, Lynch has started writing. “I’m spending a lot of time inside my head in a closed room,” she says, adding that she has been motivated in some ways by younger generations of self-assured women. “The difference between people like me and Amy Poehler and Tina Fey [is] there’s kind of an entitlement that they have to their right to have a seat at the table,” Lynch says. “They’re out there saying, ‘This is what I do, and this is why it’s funny. And if you don’t like it, you don’t like it.’ But it looks like everybody likes it.”

wife wrote this! yay!