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i just noticed that kurt has a portrait of a male collarbone on his wall in lima and i just


I’m not one to start such a kerfluffle but are people already saying that that looks suspiciously like one of the 937 outtakes from Darren’s People shoot on the beach? cause it kinda does.

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god bless america

I am into this patriotic celebration of gay American mall dancing

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that’s the sternocleidomastoid muscle. sexy huh?

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5. Season 4 of ‘Glee’ Is Actually Season 2 of ‘American Horror Story.’ Ryan Murphy’s other show got all the glory this year, so it wouldn’t be out of line for him him to infuse a little horror into the choir room.  The season comes back and we discover that the Glee Club befell a horrific tragedy and are now haunting the hall of McKinley.  Singing ghosts are the wave of the future.

5 Ways ‘Glee’ Can Be Revolutionary Next Season. Aka, I want to tell you my theories about how ‘Glee’ can structure itself to entertain me come the fall.

omg you really wrote this! I thought it was an offhanded fantasy comment. yay!


Going into that scene, there have been a lot of scenes like that in television before where kids come out to their parents. And for one, I love the fact that the father is accepting of it. I mean, that was groundbreaking right there. I also really wanted to take it from a very real perspective because a lot of times, the scenes, the kids, you know, are very - I’m queer, I’m here, and I’m proud of it, you know?

And that’s not the case when kids come out to their parents. It’s terrifying, especially at an early age. So I really just wanted to make sure there was a lot of honesty in that scene and it wasn’t so forced or arrogant but it really was just this kid that was terrified of telling his father the truth.


- Chris Colfer [on the scene where Kurt comes out to his dad] (via heathermione)

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GPOY Glee fandom.

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Because Kurt Hummel has his way to look at Blaine too…

sobbing at the perfection of his face


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this whole promo is very trio

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I didn’t reblog this when I first found it and I had to go back 34 pages to find it. sigh.

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and then they all made out.

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“I’m fine.”

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g p o y 

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My recap of Chris Colfer’s New Yorker festival talk last night for Billboard.  My personal favorite part (aside from the Roller Derby Glee bit) —

He also briefly discussed his forthcoming novel, a children’s book called “The Land of Stories,” which he said he’d been thinking about since he was seven years old, when his younger sister was diagnosed with a rare from of epilepsy and he was seeking an escape.

“I had this old book of fairytales that my mom was given by her mom. I’ll never forget because you opened the pages and all the illustrations were actual pictures of dolls in freeze form of the story,” Colfer shared. “I remember in the moment never wanting an escape more ever, I wanted to literally dive into the book. I then came up with the story about these two twins that went to fairytale world and all the adventures they had, adventures I wanted to experience rather than what I was going through.  I promised myself then if I ever had the opportunity to write it in a book, I would.”  Now Colfer has a two-book deal with Little Brown, with the first installment due out August 2012.

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