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❝ I asked for a lollipop so I wouldn’t pass out.

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Mr. Brightside - The Killers

this has been my running song for so long it automatically picks up my heart rate just to see the name

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if you were there, or you’ve ever been there, you know this was so huge.

MOAR BOXES!!!! omg :’)

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I could describe looking out at these people, this audience that I’ve been staring at for 26 years or something in darkness, right, every night. And people are dancing and they’re delirious and they’ve been up all night. And the sun is starting to come up, oh my god - that was just the most bizarre thing because the sky was all pink.. But it was really just the looks on people’s faces, like when suddenly God started to turn on the lights at the end of the party. Oh man.

found on my desktop

must have forgotten to tumblr it. ;______;