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Greek yogurt pancakes w/ blueberry lemon syrup #breakfast #foodporn (Taken with Instagram)


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Midnight Snack: The Brite Spot with Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi

Bryan: Did you hear that stupid controversy? Bradley Cooper got “Sexiest Man Alive” and people were picketing outside People magazine because they thought Ryan Gosling should have gotten it. 
Erin: You can’t mess with Ryan Gosling fans. 
Rick: I didn’t know they were so vocal. 
Erin: There’s so many Ryan Gosling blogs. 
Bryan: Commenters on were so offended. 
Erin: Just tearing Bradley Cooper apart. 
Rick: Is that just based on The Notebook? Is that where the crazy Gosling fan-dom started? 
Erin: Then he did that thing on Jimmy Kimmel where he played the ukulele.
Bryan: Oh, that’s so gross. I hate anyone who plays the ukulele. It’s so stupid. 
Erin: I know he did it as a joke, but…
Bryan: Oh, he did do it as a joke? Like, “I’m a douche with a ukulele”? 
Erin: Yes. 
Bryan: Oh, okay. But banjo and ukulele, they’re still so gross. 
Erin: Don’t let Steve Martin hear you say that. 
Bryan: But Steve Martin’s brilliant. I’m just talking about dudes in Venice.

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C, you don’t know how confused I am by this post.

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