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So guys- I’ve been thinking this could be really fun.

As most of you know, SBL premiers to the world in December.

There will be a red carpet/world premier here in Los Angeles in December.

I wanna take one of you as my “date”=) We will walk the red carpet and sit in the theater with the cast and audience and watch STRUCK BY LIGHTNING as it premiers to the rest of the world. Sound fun?

Here’s the contest so u can win a spot on the red carpet/premier with me!

Create a fan video for either of my current singles,  ”FEEL LOVE” or “SOUND OF AN AMP”

Doesn’t have to be high production or anything, just something creative and fun.

Make it funny. Make it serious. Whatever you decide. Just have fun with it, thats the point=)

I’ll pick the winner I think best hit the mark with the song/feeling of the video.

Just tag me in your video on tumblr and i should be able to see it. 

Some requirements for the winner are as follows: You must find your own way to Los Angeles on the date of the premier (the winner will receive all dates and info after they have been chosen), and please be respectful of everyone else on the red carpet( Chris, Brian etc). 

Please include your name/age/location and a link to your fb page so I can verify who you are.


Please share this so we can get as many submissions as possible!

Let the videos begin=) 


Michael Van London

links to “FEEL LOVE” and “SOUND OF AN AMP”


I wish I knew how to make a video, I would do this for the fun of hanging out with Michael. :P Someone with skillz make one!

Some photos my dear friend youngfortrees took at Outfest and sent me to post. It was a very special evening.

For anyone who’s coming to Outfest or the Ford for the first time…here is where Struck by Lightning will screen.

Chris Colfer & His Fucking Everything: a Struck By Lightning screening post


Yesterday I had the very awesome fortune to accompany my friend Leah and about 100 other invited fans and filming extras to a private screening of Struck By Lightning.

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Memorial Day-


I cut my hair and stuff

some musical eye candy for the evening shift

Chris Colfer of `Glee’ writes his Hollywood ticket


NEW YORK — When “Glee” star Chris Colfer was 8, he began writing a novel. He wrote two pages, called it the first chapter and proudly showed it to his grandmother.

“She said, `OK, could use some development,’” laughed Colfer in a recent interview.

That memory was worked into his script for the movie “Struck by Lightning,” which premiered at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival.

Colfer wrote and stars in the movie. He plays Carson, an ambitious high-school senior who blackmails his fellow students into helping him get into Northwestern University.

The 21-year-old actor came up with the idea for the story when he was a teen as a way to vent about his teachers and classmates. He then taught himself how to write a screenplay.

“I would go to my local Borders in Fresno (Calif.) and I would study Sofia Coppola’s `Marie Antoinette’ published screenplay. I’d sit there – `cause I couldn’t afford it – and I’d read it and I’d read it and I’d teach myself how to screenwrite and how to, you know, frame everything.”

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Could not possibly love that Sofia Coppola tidbit any more. I have feels and meta and thinky thoughts still brewing and bubbling. Sigh.

Lightning nabs 5 Cannes pix


Chris Colfer’s ‘Struck by Lightning’ among slate on Croisette

Lightning Entertainment has acquired international rights to five features for sale at Cannes — led by Chris Colfer’s comedy “Struck by Lightning,” which just debuted at Tribeca.

Other titles that Lighting will bring to the Croisette include comedy “Servitude,” family film “Heaven’s Door,” South African thriller “One Last Look” and “Black South-Easter,” currently in production.

Colfer wrote and stars in “Struck by Lingtning” alongside Rebel Wilson, Allison Janney, Christina Hendricks, Dermot Mulroney and Sarah Hyland. Brian Dannelly directs the tale of a 17-year-old who’s suddenly struck by a bolt of lightning and devises a blackmailing scheme to improve his chances of getting accepted into a top college.

“Struck” is produced by David Permut, Roberto Aguire and Mia Chang, co-produced by Monica Aguirre Diez Barroso, Steve Longi and Mark Moran and executive produced by Jason Michael Berman, Chris Colfer, Glenn Rigberg and Lawrence Kopeikin. ICM and Traction Media sold international rights to Lightning Entertainment. […]

April 26, 2012 - Variety

oh my god


“Feel Love” acoustic.

Live in the studio

I love this song so much. <3

Sold Out Struck By Lightning/NYC


Sold out! We like to hear that!

See you guys there! I’ll be parading down the red carpet. If i fall I’m gonna be so pissed.




if you are in town for TFF and are there the night before 4/20 come to my show


Sound of an Amp/Feel Love


I’ve been meaning to do an awesome post specifically about Michael’s music and how it contributes to the feel of Struck By Lightning, but I keep getting distracted by shiny things. Here is a very complete post from him of links and places to like, support, or buy the music he has available. When everyone gets to see the film, you’ll see how the connection of the tone and themes of his songs really ties some things together, and lends an overall feel to the school, and the town. I really, really like these three songs and can’t wait to hear Michael’s whole album in the fall. So go buy his shit!

" It’s really weird seeing myself in interviews…over the summer when I shot the movie, I was playing a different character who is very subdued and very rude and sarcastic and I noticed that I was much more subdued in interviews and my voice was a little bit lower in interviews and I was a little more serious so, I don’t know, I think maybe I’m more method than I thought! Oh boy. "

- Chris Colfer [about being a “method actor”] (via struckbylightning)

(via struckbylightning)


March 20, 2012 - Michael Van London’s single “Sound of An Amp”, which will be featured prominently in Struck By Lightning, has been released. [Preview & Buy it on iTunes or Amazon]

This song is so goooooooooood.

Chris Colfer & His Fucking Everything: a Struck By Lightning screening post



Yesterday I had the very awesome fortune to accompany my friend Leah and about 100 other invited fans and filming extras to a private screening of Struck By Lightning.

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This is a nice review, but I really do NOT agree with making the assumption that it is a ‘Queer’ film and therefore will be entered into mainly ‘Queer’ festivals. For some reason the person who wrote this has made an assumption about Carson’s sexuality, yet all others who have been lucky enough to see the film have stated that it is NOT mentioned and is certainly NOT an issue. Brian Dannelly said that one of the wonderful things about the character of Carson Phillips is that his sexuality does NOT come into the equation. He said the ONLY thing that Carson says is that he is an ‘outed outsider’ In other words he is different and is made to feel that way all the time. This does NOT mean that he is Gay. Please DO NOT put your knowledge of a minor part of who Chris Colfer is as a person and project it onto the Character he is playing. If it is NOT said in the film, then we cannot assume that because Chris is gay then Carson is also. This film is NOT autobiographical. Carson is NOT Chris. Chris is an amazingly talented actor who could act anything and that includes ‘straight’ roles.

Excuse me, but my commentary on this matter is not an assumption about Carson or about the autobiographical nature of the film. Carson’s sexuality is irrelevant. Chris Colfer is a queer filmmaker, and this is a queer film in nature and point of view. Full stop.